Biden Says Poland Missile Strikes Came from Ukraine Air Defense Missile, Not Russia

As it turns out, Russia may have been telling the truth yesterday.

After missile strikes landed a few miles inside Poland’s border, killing two, many immediately pointed the finger at Russia who had been launching an aerial barrage on Ukraine at the time.

It would have marked the first time in this conflict where Russia caused damage to a NATO country. Russia immediately and vehemently denied that they were involved, saying that there was no Russian military activity on the Poland/Ukraine border.

As it turns out, they were telling the truth.

A NATO source told Reuters that President Joe Biden announced to G7 and NATO partners that the missile blast was instead caused by a Ukrainian air defense missile – possibly one of those provided by US aid packages.

While it’s a huge faux pas for Ukraine (and whoever supplied the defense missiles – looking at you, America), it’s the kind of error that can be worked through. If Russia had in fact encroached on a NATO country, the outcome would have been much worse.

So props to Russia for perhaps the first honest statement in awhile.

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