Biden Approves Another $1.1B for Ukraine, Bringing Total up to More than $16B

President Joe Biden has just approved an additional $1.1B in aid for Ukraine, bringing the total up to a staggering $16.2B.

It’s a controversial move, and neither side of the debate is satisfied so far with the way the United States has been involved (or not involved) in the Russian war on Ukraine.

Many would see more tangible aid or military assistance – and others say the money already sent is too much.

This marks the 22nd installment of aid sent to Ukraine from the United States. Russia announced that referendums were held in 4 regions across Ukraine, and residents expressed a desire to be annexed by Russia. Russia says it will move forward with the annexation of these four regions.

The “referendums” are internationally being blasted as shams and an attempt to paint Russian aggression as “salvation” for Russian citizens living in Ukraine. It has amped global efforts to support the embattled country.


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