Beverly Hills Restaurant Tommy’s Closes After Less Than a Year – $50,000 Bet Was Placed for Closure Under 365 Days

Beverly Hills is one of those restaurant markets where you can’t help but succeed if you have the right formula and location.

A $50,000 wager was placed at Ted Dhanik’s group dinner at Craig’s Restaurant. Dhanik bet a third party (does not want to be named) who resides in the Aspen, Colorado area that Tommy’s would close in under one year because of the “cursed location.”

FACTZ can confirm the newly single Dhanik won the bet. It’s been a crazy rollercoaster 2022 for Dhanik, but now he can acquire a couple of new purses to gift this Christmas.

Congrats Ted.

Tommy’s Beverly Hills, which moved into the long-vacant former Bouchon space in Beverly Canon Gardens in January 2022. The restaurant was an upscale destination brought to life by hospitality expert Tommy Salvatore, a longtime manager at Craig’s, and chef Vartan Abgaryan.

But the restaurant shuttered its doors unexpectedly on October 11.

Tommy’s was best known for its light and breezy al fresco dining experience, live music, industry-leading service, and unique Italian-American dishes (including squid ink carbonara with uni and bottarga).


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