Beverly Hills Man Gets 5 Years for Murder-for-Hire Attempt on Ex-Girlfriend

To be fair, calling her his ex-girlfriend is a loose interpretation of the word.

25-year-old Beverly Hills resident Scott Berkett did date the woman, identified in court by the initials R.E., but it just wasn’t that serious.

Berkett, however, doesn’t know how to take NO for an answer and escalated shit well beyond anyone’s tolerance for acceptable behavior.

That’s because bad boy Berkett got rejected by R.E. and thought, “let’s hire a hitman to kill her, why not?”

Berkett first met the victim online and flew to visit her in October 2020. R.E. called Berkett “sexually aggressive” And repeatedly tried to end the relationship following his trip.

After months of attempted continued communication, a relative of R.E. reached out to Berkett’s father to try to get it all to stop. Berkett responded that they should “consider the matter closed.” And by closed, of course, he means he went on some shady internet site and paid $13K in bitcoin to try to hire a hitman to kill R.E.

Berkett told his contacts through the site that he wanted R.E.’s death “to look like an accident, but robbery gone wrong may work better.” Berkett demanded photos of the corpse for proof and sent a picture of R.E. to the undercover agent. Of course, the hitman extraordinaire was an undercover agent. We pay taxes for this.

Berkett’s prison time was part of a plea deal that lowers the sentence from 10 years to “no more than 5.” Thank you, Beverly Hills, for raising such beautiful children.

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