Before Rob Telles Killed Jeff German, Friends Saw Warning Signs

Las Vegas was rocked late last week when a local fixture was murdered. Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German was stabbed to death outside of his Vegas home.

Surveillance footage pointed to the driver of a red or maroon GMC Yukon Denali.

It just so happened that someone with serious beef against German had exactly that car parked in his driveway – Democrat Vegas official Rob Telles.

Telles was later arrested for the death of German, and when he was taken into custody, he was found with self-inflicted wounds. But half-hearted attempts at suicide won’t erase the fact that he killed this man, and it was all over a job.

German’s investigative reporting found that German was creating a hostile workplace environment. But more damningly, he was carrying on a relationship with an employee which made it impossible for his office, where he was the head of the Clark County Public Administrator, to do their jobs.

Telles lost all reason. One close friend, Andre Haynes, spoke on a podcast this week, PTL Vegas, about the warning signs he and his wife Patsy saw in the months leading up to German’s murder. Haynes explains, “He appeared to be a loving family guy.” But a few months ago, Telles’ anger over German’s reporting surfaced publicly. After an interview where Telles aired his grievances, Patsy told her husband, “Something’s wrong with him. Something’s very wrong. He seems different. I don’t know what’s going on with that guy. He seems like he could snap any minute.”

Also on PTL Vegas, a former News 8 Las Vegas sports anchor, Ron Futrell, spoke about German’ doggedness and his legacy. Futrell said, “He was a great guy, and a fun guy to be around.” Futrell continued, “but boy watch out if you cross him.” Not just him personally, though: the truth. According to Futrell, German’s dedication to the truth made him a singular reporter. But apparently, also the perfect object of rage for a self-righteous Telles.

German’s reporting caused Telles to lose the last election, but most people with professional beef don’t resort to murder. As it turns out, Patsy was right.