As Fentanyl Overdoses Sweep Nation, Pasquale Rotella and Others Try to Turn the Tide

The image above is Pasquale Rotella and Holly Madison during happier times with their beautiful family at the Finding Dory movie premiere on June 09, 2016. Slide right for his statement.

It seems like every other day, there’s more grim news about the fentanyl epithets sweeping the nation.

Most of the fentanyl overdoses being reported recently are of other drugs being cut (mixed) with fentanyl – unbeknownst to the user, who then overdoses on a drug they didn’t even realize they were taking.

In recreational drug usage, there’s some application for fentanyl, but it’s usually the club drugs like molly and cocaine cut with fentanyl doing the most damage. Dealers often cut cheaper drugs (such as cocaine) with fentanyl because it causes a more intense high and gets their users addicted to their specific blend of drugs.

For instance: a user who takes a cocaine/fentanyl batch (not knowing about the fentanyl) long enough to get addicted might go to another dealer who just gives them straight cocaine. In that case, the drug user’s body withdrawal from the absence of fentanyl, but it would lead them to believe that the second dealer’s product is simply “not as good,” so they would return to their original dealer. There, their body would receive both drugs, soothe their symptoms, and lead them to believe that their original dealer provides es better product.

It’s a dangerous play for money and customer loyalty that is taking lives – albeit unintentionally to try to turn things around and stop the cascade of deaths, Pasquale Rotella (founder of EDC festival and Insomniac) is teaming up with a group called End Overdose to try to get people the information and tools they need to get through this frightening time.

Rotella took to Instagram with a message, writing, “I want to take some time to address an important issue that is deeply impacting not just our community but the entire nation.” He added, “we are facing a deadly drug epidemic that is growing at exponential rates every single day.”

Rotella announced that he was teaming up with End Overdose, “who will provide educational resources and safety supplies to our Headliners.” Starting at Escape Halloween this weekend and moving forward, End Overdose will have a presence at all Insomniac Festivals.

End Overdose can provide both education and products, included’s free (pay for shipping) Nar. This intranasal spray can reverse the effects of an opiate overdose if administered in a timely manner. The non-profit also provides fentanyl testing strips so people can make sure their drugs are fentanyl free.

Rotella ended his message with, “Please stay safe and look out for one another.”

To access End Overdose’s free products, visit their website.


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