Are We Living In A “Silent Depression?”

A clip from Isabel Brown has us questioning if we’re living in an exacerbated Great Depression that is being silenced with distractions, Brown points out, “How can we be living through worse cost of living and wages than 1930 and NO politician, NO media outlet, NO ONE is talking about it?”

The clip of Brown begins with a smaller clip from a guy who says, “We are living in the ‘silent depression.'” Brown claims that it “stopped me in my tracks.” She continues to explain, “The guy believes we are not just living worse than the Great Depression, we’re living in the silent depression.”

Brown backed up the video she came across with numerical facts that she found when digging into this theory. She shares, “The average annual income in 1930 for an American individual was a little over $4,800. Sounds like nothing but if you adjust that for inflation, a little over $4,800 a year in 1930 is equivalent to almost $85,000 annually for the average salary for one person.” Brown adds, “Right now, the average annual salary is $56,000 a year. We currently are making less than the height of the Great Depression.”

Brown continued to share examples of the difference in the average cost of major items for adulting including gas per gallon, a new car, and a house. Leading her [and us] back to her question: Why is no one talking about this?

Would you consider this to be a “Silent Depression?”