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Application Update from FACTZ Tech Team - The Future of Media is Rapidly Coming - Factz


Application Update from FACTZ Tech Team – The Future of Media is Rapidly Coming

Hello FACTZ Family. The new application update is out. Please make sure to update from the App Store. The update includes a search icon on the top right and various performance and design upgrades. A few other significant features will be released by EOD tomorrow; you won’t need to update the app; you will notice when you open the app, it will be done automatically.

Our FACTZ app ranking has been riding between #8 and #14 on the Apple charts in the News category. Which is very good for a ‘one-month-old app.’ Typically new popular apps catapult into the charts the first day/few days (and by catapult, I mean if it’s talked about on all major news outlets, then it’s #1. If it’s any other popular app, then it’s #150 range). Still, they all fall off into the 1000s, 10000s+ in a day (unless it’s a unicorn). Yes, FACTZ is a unicorn.

Our initial catapult was good (between #30-#50), and the Tech team was impressed by that. We have gained momentum. All of the apps before us have a pretty colossal readership and app promotion on their outlets (websites, tv shows, hard copy papers, podcasts, emails, etc.) And they have been in the App Store for a long, long time – we’re talking start of the original App Store (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post) – we are in the same bracket as them, and we are well past our ‘catapult’ stage (which as I said only lasts a day or two for apps, once the hype dies down). Apple refreshes these metrics hourly which means sustainability is hourly.

We have v2 of the app finishing the testing process, which will be an even more significant jump. V2 will have features like automatic login, login/register by Apple ID, Face ID, smooth profile creation, easy flow, and many other minor items that turn it into excellent flowing news and social medium.

Let’s finish the week strong! Thank you for reading our “nerd wars.” And remember, the loudest one in the room is the weakest. Live by the code.



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Medium Rare
Medium Rare
5 months ago

I love the app. I open it ten times a day now. Great work team.

5 months ago

Best app