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Another Victory for the Full Send Podcast as Bob Menery Goes Silent - Factz


Another Victory for the Full Send Podcast as Bob Menery Goes Silent

This past Sunday, Bob Menery went on a viral rant against his former teammates at the Full Send Podcast. However, today in the act of sobriety, Menery has deleted his attack … well, claiming Tik Tok removed it.

FACTZ spoke to a source close to both parties. She said, “Bob [Menery] is just really hurt that he cannot be friends with Kyle [Forgeard]. Bob really loved him like a brother. As far as payments are concerned, Bob has been paid in full per the agreements. This is all coming from a place of jealousy because Steiny stole Bob’s friends.”

According to Menery’s social media and podcast, he is pretending none of the events occurred. Bizarre behavior.

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5 months ago

While waiting to hear Bob’s podcast on this whole situation I don’t think Steiny should be getting too comfortable in that seat as it seems he is not that well liked on the podcast as a host.

5 months ago

I still don’t understand why anyone cares about these guys? They rarely prank anymore and Bob just gambles worse than Pete Rose.

5 months ago

Bob crushed the Trump interview. Love him or hate him he brought the big guests.

5 months ago

Keep it moving Bob

5 months ago

I partied with Bob once. He rages with the cocaine. Cool dude.