Ana de Armas is Uncomfortable with All the Attention on Her Personal Life

Ana de Armas, 34, is the star of the new movie “Blonde,” a “historic psychological drama” on the life of Marilyn Monroe.

But in 2020, she was briefly the flame of fellow “Deep Water” co-star Ben Affleck.

And people were keenly interested in the comings and goings of her personal life, because obviously – Ben Affleck. Although now she’s dating a Twitter exec.

It made de Armas deeply uncomfortable.

In a new Variety story, the actress explains, “I have never been someone that wants any attention that’s not about my work. So when the attention is not about my work, it is upsetting. And it feels disrespectful, and it feels inappropriate, and it feels dangerous and unsafe. But, especially in this country, I don’t know how you can find protection. I don’t know how you can stop that from happening other than leaving.”

But it’s not new because she experienced it while working in Spain as well; “When I was living in Madrid, I was a very well-known actress and had press and paparazzi after me. It’s something that you learn, unfortunately.”

What the 34-year-old wants is for people to focus on her skills and career, sharing, “I want to be remembered for that. The other side, I’m not interested. Some people have a better time making peace with that. Some people even like it. I’m in the group of people who would prefer not to have that.”

It’s a hard lesson for celebrities to learn that their private life becomes public fodder. Some have managed to separate them more successfully than others, but it’s a mantle that chafes all who have to wear it.

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