Alix Earle Has a Flower Stalker – Makeup Artist is a Security Threat to Leak Earle’s Dungeon Address

Alix Earle, a huge FACTZ fan (obsessed) … we must warn you of this viral video— Earle, who is like Selena Gomez and trusts people for their hearts. Please do not forget your Monmouth Jersey Girl roots. As sweet as this video might be, it’s a boobie trap!

Clout Killers are the worst. Trust me.

One time a girl sent me flowers unannounced, and the next thing you know, she said she would kill herself if I didn’t go to lunch with her at Javiar’s in Crystal Cove. She died. I should have never responded, “thank you for the beautiful flowers.”

Looking back, I should have ghosted like a Gen Z.