Adin Ross Just Got Paid, He is Now Surpassed His Mentor Andrew Tate – Bagged $150 Million

Adin Ross, who Logan Paul claimed was the gay lover of Andrew Tate, is now $150 million richer as he leaves Twitch to do an exclusive deal two-year deal with Kick.

Twitch is losing steam fast as they are censoring their talent. Ross leaving was a huge blow to the platform as he generated multi-millions for Twitch.

Ross is not the highest-paid live streamer. He also earns income from merchandise sales, sponsorships, video game competitions, acting, and real estate investments.

He is the Bo Jackson of influencers.

Logan Paul Slams Andrew Tate – Hates Women, Hates Gays and is Racist

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  • Kick has no TOS. Adin switched over cause everything he said was literally being used as a threat to get him banned. Twitch being a little too soft.

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