Aaron Judge Hits 62nd Homerun, Kicking Off Fan Trash Talk War vs Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire

Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run, and social media has big feelings about it.

Judge’s 62nd in a single season makes it an American League record, and some fans and media outlets are focused on the past: the infamous MLB steroid era.

If you only see San Fransisco Giants’ Barry Bonds as a cheater and Saint Louis Cardinals’ Mark McGwire for the crime he confessed to, that would make Judge the all-time MLB single-season home run record holder.

And fans are ready to battle it out to make that vision a reality.

Social media tweets about the record, which remains an American League milestone regardless of the battle for the overall MLB record, have gotten brutal, with many fans using injection emojis to refer to Bonds of McGwire and meme-ing their drug use.

Judge has also been given the nickname “the clean home run king.”

Judge should probably feel a little disgruntled by all the comparisons because even though he achieved his record clean – it’s almost as if people think they need to defend his right to the crown.

But most likely, he’ll keep smashing records and defend it all on his own, jokes about his peers aside. So let’s back up and let the king rule. He doesn’t need to push anyone down to climb to the top.

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