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A Year Ago, Facebook Dove into the Metaverse - but Was it Worth It for Meta? - Factz


A Year Ago, Facebook Dove into the Metaverse – but Was it Worth It for Meta?

Everyone knows it by now.

The Metaverse is Mark Zuckerberg’s pet project, and Facebook and Instagram are the forgotten older children.

A year ago, Zuckerberg announced that his company ‘Facebook’ would be rebranded as ‘Meta’ to help transition into his plans for the virtual reality world, Metaverse.

But was it worth it? What has a year of Zuckerberg’s focus wrought?

Not a whole lot, unfortunately, for Zuck.

He’s poured billions of dollars into the Metaverse, and not only are people unclear on what it even is, but they’re not particularly interested in finding out.

Facebook’s growth slowed, and Instagram is starting to transition into the same “old people” platform Facebook is being seen as. As Gen Z spreads its wings on TikTok and Snapchat, Metaverse continues burrowing a tunnel in a direction no one was ready to walk.

Zuckerberg’s personal wealth has tanked, from $118B last year to just $37B this year, and he seems unaware of his failures.

Behind the scenes, some working on Metaverse admit that they don’t even log in to play and mock his laser-focus on the Metaverse.

Does Zuck have a vision that no one sees but will be worth the price? That’s hard to say, but for now, it seems like an insane pipe dream costing him everything.

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Average Joes
Average Joes
4 months ago

I’m actually dressing up as one of these guys for Halloween.