A Mental Health Epidemic: 1 in 3 Gen Z Girls Have Contemplated Suicide

According to new statistics, as many as 1 in 3 Gen Z girls have contemplated suicide.

In a new TikTok video, the disturbing statistics are laid bare.

15% of teenage girls in America say that they have been forced to have sex, qualifying as sexual assault.

Three in five teenage girls reported feeling so hopeless nearly every single day that they stopped living their life on their own terms, doing activities that they love – twice as often as boys.

Teenage girls are struggling more in other areas than boys as well, with higher rates of alcohol and drug abuse and higher rates of being bullied online.

The statistics also reveal that 13% of teenage girls in America have attempted suicide int he last year, compared to just 7% of boys.

There is ample speculation online about what’s driving the rise in suicidal ideation among young girls. In the TikTok video, it’s suggested that girls are not being affirmed as girls and are not being encouraged to embrace what makes them a woman.

It’s also worth noting that the US is facing draconian anti-abortion laws and anti-LGBTQ laws that make it hard for Gen Z – arguably the most diverse and vibrant generation in history – to feel safe and accepted.

Whatever is driving the increase, it’s a serious problem – one that’s worsening as Gen Z ages out of their parents homes and faces a bleak job market and even bleaker living affordability.