A Beekeper Unleashed a Swarm of Bees on Deputies Trying to Evict Home Occupant

Rorie Woods probably saw herself as an avenging angel when she rolled up to a home where deputies were waiting to carry out an eviction.

But what she ended up with was multiple felonies.

Deputies were waiting in front of a $1.3M Massachusetts home as its occupant was at court in a last-ditch effort to avoid eviction.

Woods rolled up with a trailer loaded with beehives.

She moved to the back of the trailer, shook the boxes to agitate the bees, and began opening them to unleash them. One deputy tried to wrestle the top away from her once he realized what was happening, but she broke a corner off and the deputy was stung multiple times and was forced to retreat.

Woods then donned a professional beekeeper’s suit and began unleashing more, blocking entry to the home.

Three deputies and a sheriff’s office photographer were stung in the end, and multiple bystanders were also stung.

Woods was arrested and faces eight charges, including four counts of felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, three counts of felony assault with a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct (a misdemeanor).

When she was arrested, one deputy informed Woods that he and several of his colleagues were allergic to bees, and she allegedly replied, “Oh, you’re allergic? Good.”