Mattress Mack Sends a Message about Hedging his Bet Over Potential $75M Payout

Houston-based business owner Mattress Mack is throwing some serious money into the Houston Astros this year.

It’s a pretty standard play for Mack, who does this every time his fave makes the MLB postseason.

But this year, Mack has the potential to make a lot of money – in fact, a historical amount.

If the Astros win the World Series, Mack could win $75M, which would be the single largest payout in sports betting history.

Mack has set several bets to the tune of $10M in favor of the Astros, and he’s hoping it pays off big time.

He posted on Twitter that Wynn Sports Book offered him a way to hedge his bet and avoid a loss, quoting them, “We are open to a hedge at +185 if you want it.”

But Mack replied, “NOT IN A THOUSAND YEARS – GO ‘STROS!!!!”