$8.14B Turtle-Shaped Terayacht Would Be Largest Sea Structure Ever Built

Plans have been unveiled for a massive “terayacht,” which would be the largest sea structure ever built if it comes to fruition.

The Pangeos, if built, would hold 60,000 passengers, using “wings” to cruise along.

It would be 1,800 feet long and 2,000 feet wide at its widest point. It would be powered by nine high-temperature superconductor (HTS) engines, with each fully-electric motor capable of 16,800hp and powered by a variety of on-board energy sources. The vessel’s “wings” would also allow for cruising without using energy, making it environmentally friendly. The wings would gather energy from the breaking of the waves and “cruise perpetually without emissions around the planet Earth’s seas.”

The roof is also lined with solar panels, providing clean energy for the shipboard structures.

There would be hotels, shopping centers, parks, ship and aircraft ports and more on board the impressive vessel. On-board accommodations would include everything from apartments and houses to “super villas” and royal palaces.

Italian designers Lazzarini came up with the idea and hope to see it come to life after an ambitious NFT-related crowdfunding project.

The building of the vessel would take around 8 years to build, according to estimates, and would require a giant shipyard designed specifically for The Pangeos.

The designers have said, “A Terayacht needs a Terashipyard. The conception of a similar-sized vessel, involves the realization of a specific shipyard/dam infrastructure that floods to levitate the terayacht when it will be launched.”

The shipyard would be 650 meters wide and 600 meters long.

[Courtesy of YachtZebra.com]

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