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10 Iranians Have been Killed in Ukrainian Strikes - Factz



10 Iranians Have been Killed in Ukrainian Strikes

Ukrainian and American officials have warned that Iranians are training Russians to use Iranian drones in Crimea, and now there’s more proof.

The Ukrainian National Resistance Center claimed Wednesday that Iranian teachers are helping Russian forces launch kamikaze drones from within one of the annexed Ukrainian territories, Crimea. “The Russians took Iranian instructors to the territory of the temporarily occupied Kherson Region and Crimea to launch Shahed-136 kamikaze drones. They teach the Russians how to use kamikaze drones and directly monitor the launch of drones on Ukrainian civilian targets, including strikes on Mykolaiv and Odesa.”

10 Iranians training Russian troops were killed in Ukrainian strikes during the past week, according to a Ukrainian official.

Pentagon Press Secretary Brigadier-General Pat Ryder said Thursday, “Iranians have been on the ground in Ukraine to assist Russia with the drone operations there.”

Iran has issued an advisory for all Iranian citizens in Ukraine to leave immediately.

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5 months ago

The officials of the Islamic government are really stupid.
They have entered Iran into a war and put it in danger