$1.1 Billion in Bitcoin was just Withdrawn from Binance

Sands are shifting quickly in the world of cryptocurrency.

And signs of that are everywhere.

Bitcoin has just seen record buying as the value returned to six-week highs.

A report on data from on-chain analytics firm CryptoQuant shows more Bitcoin leaving major exchange market Binance in a single day than ever before.

Experts have warned crypto sharks that a macro bottom may not have occurred, but it’s clear that speculators believe an upturn is coming soon, and investors are rushing to snap up Bitcoin above $20,000.

The largest exchange ever by volume on Binance came on October 26, with more than 55,000BTC (USD 1.1B) moving in a single day.

It doesn’t change the overall bear market for crypto, but it’s a sign that things are still evolving quickly in crypto.


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